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Our Process

We collaborate with creators who have at least 150K followers.

Adero uses our technical and operational expertise to develop a product you love that fits your personal brand.

We take your vision and turn it into an actual beauty product that you can sell to your audience.


We start with a kickoff meeting. We learn more about you, your audience, and what kind of product you want to make.


Together, we craft a vision for your brand. The vision captures the essence of your brand and what it stands for.


We develop the concept for your brand's first product. We want to figure out how the product should look and feel.


We'll create a prototype for you to review. We'll make tweaks based on your feedback.


Once you approve the prototype, we finalize how much the product will cost and how many we'll manufacture.


We'll sell your brand through an e-commerce store we set up for you, as well as some boutique retail stores.


Then, we launch. You promote your brand to your audience, we distribute it, and we watch the sales roll in!

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